Friday, July 3, 2009

The Ultimate Naan Sandwich

Finally, we've gotten around to make a batch of fresh Naan bread. I learned how to make this at a restaurant I worked at for a short time. Its so simple and always delivers tastey results. The recipe for the Naan is soon to come, but to start off what will be a number of posts including Naan bread, here is an absolutely fabulous sandwich that you'll be making for yourself every lunch once you try it.

Instead of simply melting butter on the freshly cooked Naan, I made a quick aeoli sauce by mixing some fresh garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon juice into some mayo. Just put in as much of the ingredients until you like the taste. This can be used as an excellent dipping sauce with strips of Naan bread for an appeteizer.

After coating one side of the freshly cooked Naan in the aeoli sauce, I put some fresh greens, sliced tomato, green onions, radish and a big slice of fried pemeal bacon on one side of the Naan. Then I just folded the empty side over, holding everything together with a couple toothpicks and cut into two pieces. For a touch of added spice, I sprinkled some cayenne pepper over the sandwiches and the plate.

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  1. looks delish! I'm eating a similar naan sandwich- with the same mayo mix!