Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanksgiving dulce de leche cheesecake and our return to blogging

It's been so long since we've updated our blog. But it's not without reason. Geoff and I went on a day long bike trip to my cottage and the next day I woke up and had no balance and very blurry eyes. After a month in the hospital I was diagnosed with severe acute MS. I spent the next month on my moms couch waiting for my sight and balance to return.

Now things are getting back to normal and we're finally back to cooking. This is one of the first things I have made on my own since July. It wasn't too bad, definitely need to add some Baileys or some other liqueur to the cheesecake batter.

We totally stole this recipe and idea from the daring bakers April challenge. This is where I found the idea to top it with dulce de leche and whoppers.

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