Monday, June 8, 2009

Our first awesome dumplings

If we're ever out to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, we always order some fried dumplings. The contents are very basic, yet the combination of the dough and sauce is what gives them the sweet and tasty flavour.

As we wanted to make our own, but had no idea how to go about doing so, we found this extremely detailed recipe.

We'd been searching for months for a recipe that was easy enough with ingredients that we could find without searching through Asian grocery stores in Chinatown.

Definitely try making these. The recipe is a little time consuming, but definitely worth it. Tastes just like from the restaurant. Just be sure you have one or two helpers so you can get the wrapping done quickly

Edit: Unless you love making dough, I would really recommend just buying the dough that's already been rolled out and cut up for you

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