Monday, June 8, 2009

Fiddle Heads Attempt #2

So this is our second attempt at fiddle heads. We had to leave the cottage early one weekend, so my grandpa gave Geoff and I each a delicious tender rib steak to make for our own dinner at home (we actually don't have steak every night even though Geoff would love that)

This time we decided to top our steak with quartered white mushrooms fried in butter and garlic. As for the fiddle heads, Geoff Googled some recipes in an attempt to find something new. He clearly can't read properly because he thought there was a recipe that included wasabi, so we mixed some into soya sauce and poured the mixture over the fiddle heads and rice. While wasabi can be fairly strong, we figured the rice would be able to soak up the excess spice.

Although it was something new, we probably wouldn't make it again. At least not with a juicy steak since the flavours clashed a little much, but it might compliment various types of seafood instead.

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